Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Love of Dirt

This past summer I have come to fall in love with the dirt. As a child growing up, every spring I watched my parents work in our yard, I don't remember much from our first 2 house, but the one they live in now, I can remember watching them go out there and working for hours. At the time I totally didn't get it, but then I just preferred not being outside in the sun.

Now, I get it! There is something satisfying about watching something you plant grow. Perhaps that comes with having a child and watching her grow, I'm not really sure. I can say that watching my sunflowers open a little bit more each day and eating zucchini that I grew is pretty amazing.

The best part is watching Toddler D out there playing in the dirt. She just can't get enough of it! I love that she has taken ownership of our plants and our fledgling garden. She points out the blooms and the new fruits and vegetables, and she absolutely loves harvesting sweet peas and blueberries. Her two favorite things we are growing this year. Next year I think we will plant twice as many sweet peas but we will stagger their planting so that they won't all be ready at the same time. Anything to get my kid eating her veggies!

Thanks mom and dad, for helping instill a love of dirt in me.


Michele said...

I am so happy you have found joy in "digging in the dirt". Both my grandmothers where fantastic gardeners and I am very glad you got the bug!

Ken said...

And don't forget my dad, he had a garden in Columbia.

desertskyquilts said...

Just checking in with your blog here. It sounds like you have been successful in getting your own child interested in growing new things! Planting flower bulbs is a wonderful thing, too. They come up every year and then in a few, you dig them back up and separate them, and magically have more to plant! =)